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About Us





Our Mission:

At Empire State Caskets, we understand the sudden and confounding burden families experience while organizing funeral arrangements.  We aim to alleviate the those unnecessary hardships by providing our customers with unparallelled service and dignified products to ensure their loved one will rest peacefully.  We proudly offer a wide variety of distinguished funeral necessities at a discounted price; arrange for FREE same or next day delivery to the funeral home of your choice, all while providing unmatched professionalism and customer service.  Our 24-hour Customer Service Center is available at any time to help guide you through any situation that may arise.  We are here to be of service to you.    


Our Commitment:

Empire State Caksets is committed to providing our customers an incomperable standard of care, quality, and customer service.  Our user friendly ordering service and guaranteed delivery times provide peace of mind to families in trying times.  We are aware of the urgency of each customer's situation and meet each order with the respect and dilligence that it deserves.


Our Story:

We are aware of the hardships families go through when losing a loved one.  We have experienced first-hand the price gauging practices implimented by funeral homes when it comes to buying funeral necessities.  We started this company with the idea of finding a way to offer grieving families a more diversified selection of funeral necessities than your ordinary funereal home, while also extending our customers significantly discounted prices.  Through vigorous efforts we were able to secure partnerships with multiple casket and keepsake suppliers and manufacturers as well as over 200 shipping carriers.  Today we are extremely pleased to be able to offer our customers a wide assortment of high quality funeral necessities at a substantially more affordable price.  We kindly invite you to shop with us.